Is Plastic A Renewable Resource?


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Yes...look on the bottom of the container.  If it has the "green" symbol, three arrows chasing themselves to form a triangle, it is recyclable.  One thing I learned recently was that plastic lids on plastic jugs or bottles are not recyclable.  Throw them in the regular trash.  Workers in separation plants won't remove the lid; they will just throw the entire unit into the non-recyclable bins.  Also, please, people, please....cut up your 6 or 8 pack plastic drink holders...the rings that fit around the tops of the bottles or cans.  Cut into small pieces in your recyclable trash.  These monstrosities, if left whole, can trap birds, and small animals, and many pelicans and seagulls here on the west coast have died because their feet or beaks were trapped in them.  Also, stomp your yogurt containers, so smaller animals cannot get their heads stuck into them. Don't!
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Yes plastic is a renewable resource, though it does take long for them to biodegrade.

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