What Are The Disadvantages Of Packet Switching?


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The major disadvantage in using packet switching is that it takes longer than other methods to transfer data. In most cases this will be fairly insignificant but it can be a factor when dealing with real-time video and require additional technology to obtain the required quality. With most alpha and numeric data, packet switching is a perfectly suitable way of transferring data quickly and safely with minimum risk.

  • What is package switching?

This is a method of delivering data across a long distance connection by breaking the document into several smaller parts and provides a popular alternative to the traditional method of circuit switching which rely on telephone and ISDN lines.

Using different networks, package switching breaks data into batches of 1,000 to 1,500 bytes that reduces the risk of failure due to a network problem. By sending each packet individually, they may arrive in a different order, by identifying each packet the receiver will be able to assemble the data in the correct order which involves less risk and cost, than by sending in one very large sized bundle.

  • What does that mean in everyday language?

Pre-broadband internet users will understand the comparison. If a friend sent a batch of ten pictures using a dial-up connection it could block or crash your internet connection, by sending the pictures individually it may take slightly longer to arrive but with each picture arriving on its own, there is less risk of overloading and crashing the network.

  • Is this a new technology?

Package switching was identified and developed in the 1960s by Paul Baran and Donald Davies. Despite the improvements in communications, it has kept to the same principles and been able to carry and transfer larger volumes of data.
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The fundamental shortcoming  in the Packet switching technique is the
arriving of the packets over the network in the Out of Order formate.
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One of the main disadvantage of packet switching is that extra processing power needed because in each network node packets are queued or buffered thus making a complex routing protocols.
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1.Less hard drive space needed but more actual memory needed.

2.More processing power required due to complex routing protocols. (Like recognizing when a packet has been lost).

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