Are There Many Hispanic People Living In Spokane, Washington?


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In terms of percentage of total population, the percentage of Hispanic population is not sizable and stands at 3%. But in terms of number of people, the population is certainly substantial at approximately 6000.

The population of Spokane is dominated by the white race which comprises of approximately 86% of the people in the city and the Hispanics come after them. Asians are at 2.2 % and African-Americans consist of about 2.1% of the population. Native Americans come after them with 1.8% of population and Pacific Islanders are .2 %. Other races comprise about .9 %.

The number of households in the city of Spokane is 81,512 with 41.3 % married couples living together and 33.9 % of all households consist individuals only. The size of the average household is 2.32 and average family size is 2.98. The median income per household is $32,273. Males' median income stands at $31,687 and for females it is $24,833.

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