What Is The Recovery Time For A Surgery From Plantar Fibroma?


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Just had mine surgically removed. I was told 3 weeks complete non weight bearing, then another 3 weeks minimal neighboring in order for the incision area to heal without developing thick scar tissue.

I'm on day 5. I both an iwalk2.0 that is a god-send when it comes to being more independent. It allows you to carry things, do your hair, makeup etc. That crutches don't. 

Pain wise, day 1 and 2 I was completely numb. Today, day 5, I feel the pain in the suture area and taking the pain killers prescribed. I intend to go to work on Monday using the iwalk2.0 as a help.  We'll see how it goes. 

Follow orders though and keep that foot up (ice off and on for the swelling)  the majority of your day.

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Plantar Fibroma is non cancerous tumor in the form of mass or cluster in the arch of foot. The recovery time depends upon the type of surgery. If you have removed only the mass of fibroma then the recovery is early but recurrence rate is high. If you have completely removed the plantar fascia then the recovery time is much longer and can take weeks to walk on your feet. For more details, visit plantar fibroma.

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