How Many Steps Are In A Mile?


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It would depend on your natural stride(the distance covered for each step you take. My stride would be 2.5 feet to 3 feet per step. So divide the number of feet in a mile by three and you would have the number of steps it takes  me to make up the distance of a mile. You could also increase the distance of your stride  if you we're running.
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This can be difficult to determine. Some people walk faster than others thus, less steps will be taken. Height is also a factor. Taller people walk
faster, and shorter people walk slower. It's a simple logic really. (estimated guess- around 2,200)
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I'm guessing around 1760 but it really depends on how fast you walk
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This depends on the speed of the person who is walking. Also the length of the legs also determines the number of steps in a mile as a person with long legs mostly cover a distance of mile faster than a person with short legs.
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I would guess 1760 but it would really depend on how long your legs are,as that would make a difference in length of steps

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