What Is The Significance Of Adulthood In Human Lifespan?


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Adulthood is the period in the human life span in which full physical and intellectual maturities have been attained. In common concept this period is generally starts from 20-21 years of age and spans up to 33-34 years of age. This phase is known as early adulthood. Between the ages 35-60 years the major changes in our lives are prevalent. This period is known as middle adulthood. This is the time when most of the adults redefine their relationships. The middle adulthood is comprised of various ups and downs in several characteristics such as decline in physical activities, increase in responsibilities and life satisfaction, increase in probable motivation for the attainment of self-actualization or self-realization. But this is also a period when early parents may suffer from empty-nest syndrome when their children left their home and start new establishment. Late adulthood starts since around 65 years of age. This is the time for concern, care and retrospect life once again. The philosopher, psychologist Erik Erickson described this phase as integrity versus despair meaning either they may fully accept their accomplishments in terms of mortality as a result of integrity or they may be occupied with feelings of gloominess and sense of doubt leading to dissatisfaction as a result of despair.

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