What Are The Scientific Theories Of The Philippines?


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In the hope that these are the scientific theories referred to in the question, here are the main theories regarding the formation and population of the Philippines.

  • Prehistoric Continent
The first theory with regards to the formation of the Philippines says that the islands are part of a sunken, prehistoric continent known as Lemuria or Mu. This continent is believed to have been sunken by volcanic eruptions.

  • Volcanic Eruptions
The second theory reverses the first one by believing that the Philippines were in fact created by a series of many volcanic eruptions.

  • Separation from Mainland Asia
The third, and most widely accepted, theory states that the islands were formerly parts of the continental shelf connected via ice-covered land-bridges to mainland Asia. When the ice melted after the Pleistocene Age, the islands were separated and gradually pushed to where they are now.

  • Population Theories
The most commonly known theory of how the islands were first populated is that of Dr H. Otley Beyer, who believed that the islands were populated by waves of migrating races either along land-bridges at low tide, or later by boat.

These races, according to Beyer, were the so-called Dawn-man, around 250,000 years ago; the Negritos, an aboriginal pygmy group, around 28,000 to 23000 BC; a group of tool-using Indonesians, the first to arrive by sea, between 4000 and 3000 BC and, finally, the more civilized, sea-faring Mayans.

This theory, however, is widely disputed. Other theories were presented by Peter Bellwood, whose popular alternative to Beyer's theory, namely the Out-of-Taiwan theory, relies mainly on linguistics; Wilhelm Solheim's theory of a trading and communication network, based on artifacts and F. Landa Jocano's theory, based on fossil finds. Wikipedia offers more detailed information on these, very different, theories.
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I think it's the asiatic theory of Leopoldo faustino
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Scientific theories of the philippines where it came from

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