What Is The Value Of Scientific Theory?


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Scientific theory has value because it pushes the study of science forward; even if a scientific theory proves to be incorrect, it may still feature some elements that turn out to be useful. For example, a theory about life on another planet may not be proven per se; however, certain elements of the theory, such as the reasons why life could exist on other planets, may be adopted by other time, these elements of the scientific theory may turn out to be true. Often, it takes time to prove a scientific theory correct...

Scientific theories are examples of scientific thought that is brand new; some of society's greatest scientific discoveries, such as the myriad uses of stem cells for curing diseases, are based on theories from forward-thinking scientists. Over time, these theories evolve to blend with new facts and new technology. There are many different ways to use scientific theory in the overall study of science. Every unique experiment or hypothesis will require an original, (or partly original) scientific theory, that is then tested and analyzed.

Uses for scientific theory are:

• Experiments
• Hypotheses
• Experimental Therapies For The Terminally Ill
• Teaching

Teaching children how to think scientifically is part of guiding the next generation towards greater scientific accomplishments...ones that will undoubtedly help mankind. Today, children experiment in class, and science teachers instill in them a good working knowledge of how to formulate scientific theories; these children may end up studying science in colleges and universities. The critical thinking and fact-based research elements of scientific theory are logical and straightforward; combined with scientific experiments that are properly controlled, they offer excellent ways to move the study of science into the future. Today, scientific theories are responsible for effective AIDS treatments, anti-cancer drugs and radiation, and modern gene therapies... All of these treatments will evolve to extend and improve the lives of human beings.

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