How To Measure Human Body Frequency?


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This is quite a complex question as many people have different opinions when it comes to the frequency of the human body. The brain frequency is often measured in different measurements including; hertz, alpha, beta, delta and theta waves. The heart is also measured in Hertz, for example; if your heart beats 120 bpm, its beating at 2Hz. Another part of the human body that some scientists say can be measured is vision which they also measure in Hertz.

Quite a few scientists and experts say that the best way to measure human body frequency is in fact through vision. In brightly lit conditions the brain processes visual images at approximately 60 hertz. The reason why vision is the best way to measure the human body frequency is because the retina moves at such a rate (which is how we can watch television at a frame rate 20-30 frames per second) that means the eye and particularly the retina is always working.

But, there is no one way to measure human body frequency, each scientist has his or her own opinion on this subject and if you look into this further you will see many books and papers on this topic including "Rhythms in the Brain" by Buzsaki which covers this topic.

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