How Is Body Voltage Measured?


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There are thought to be two popular ways by which you can measure the voltage of your body. The first method includes the use of the electrometer and is believed to be an expensive method.

In the process the first thing that is required to do is to take a professional electrometer in which the input resistance should be approximately a hundred billion ohms. You should connect one terminal of the meter to the ground and the other terminal should be taken in the hand. You should also scuff yourself on the rug. When you look at the voltage reading you will find that it is climbed to several thousands volts. You can also leap into the air so that you can see the exact measurement on the meter.

There is another method also that is called the spark length method and some people use this method also.
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100 Gigaohms input resistance? The best meter I've ever seen is only 10 Megaohms input resistance. I bought an economic one, which works perfectly for the student, and only has 1Mohm input resistance.
100 Giga-ohm...that must be out of this world. Perhaps aliens produce such meters.

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