Who Has The Biggest Nipple And Do U Have A Picture?


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There are millions of people in the world - so, even if there was a picture of what was supposed to be the world's biggest nipple, it wouldn't necessarily be positive proof that the nipple was in fact the largest. Basically, everyone in the world would need their nipples measured to make this fact reliable.

There are all sorts of oddities and strange photos on the World Wide Web - that means there is surely a photo of someone's chest, with the caption 'world's biggest nipple'; however, with the magic of Photoshop and other photo editing software, it can be easy to distort photographs and deceive people on the Internet.

Of course, some people really do have larger nipples than others - this is true of men and women. However, unless there is some deformity that makes the nipples extremely large, most people's nipples will fall within a certain size range that is common amongst millions of other people.

Facts About Nipples

• Men, women, and children are not the only ones who have nipples; in fact, many animals also have nipples, including rats, mice, pigs and dogs.

• Some scientists argue that the presence of male nipples in animals and humans is proof positive of evolution. While Christian fundamentalists turn away from the idea of evolution as it contradicts their religious beliefs, there is a great deal of scientific evidence supporting the idea that humans (and animals) have evolved significantly through the course of human history.

If you're searching for pictures of nipples online, be careful. If you're at work, you may want to wait until you get home, because many sites you click on when performing a Google search for nipples will be extremely racy and probably downright pornographic; since some of these sites also carry nasty computer viruses, it's important to be cautious before you click.

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