Can Yo Show Me The Picture Of Human Body Where Liver Locates?


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This picture illustrates where the liver is located within the human body:
The liver can be found underneath the diaphragm within the human body. The diaphragm is the membrane that keeps your chest and your abdomen separate from each other and is located underneath the lungs. It is used to assist in breathing.

Therefore the liver is located just below your lungs and your ribcage. It is located around the upper right hand section of your upper abdomen. It spreads out across the middle and partially the left side of the upper abdomen. 

The liver is made up of two main lobes: The right and left lobes. It is regarded as the largest gland and solid organ within the human body.

The liver's many functions include:
  • Secretion of bile.
The liver is considered a gland because it secretes a substance known as bile. This bile helps to move fat and waste food products through the body as well as assisting in their digestion.
  • Manufacturing proteins.
The liver is also responsible for synthesizing proteins in the human body. Amongst these proteins is a substance known as 'albumin' which assists in keeping a constant volume of blood.
  • Metabolizing toxins.
Whenever you consume alcohol, drugs or other toxins from the environment, it is your liver's responsibility to detoxify them, this is done by metabolizing.
  • Getting rid of dangerous biochemical products.
When your body produces biochemical products that could be dangerous for your body to contain, such as bilirubin, the liver will metabolize or secrete these substances to keep your body safe.
  • Storing carbohydrates.
The liver is also responsible for keeping the storage of carbohydrates, which the body can use as a source of glucose.
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The normal liver is located under the ribs on the right side of the body.
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Show me liver pictures
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I have two marks on my liver

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