How Many Feet Are In 1.18 Acres ?


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  • I am not sure where all these numbers came from but:
    - there are 43560 sq ft in one acre
    - sq ft in 1.8 acres = 43560 x 1.8 
    - 78,408 sq ft in 1.8 acres
    BTW: An acre, if square, is approx 208.7ft x 208.7ft.
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The formula is correct nawrocki but laurasmith was looking for 1.18 acres. Therefore, 43,560 x 1.18 = 51,400 sq. ft.
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You must be using a different calculator than I. When I multiply 43560 by 1.8 I still get 78408. Sorry I missed the 1.18 and read 1.8
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An acre is 400feet x400 feet or 160,000 feet and .18 of 160,000 is 28,800 so 1.18 acres would be 188000 feet of space I think I maybe way wrong but check it out

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