10 Acres Of Land, How Many Feet On Each Side?


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To get a common answer for this you would have to assume that the lot is square. If it is not a square shape then the number of feet either side can vary.
One acre measures 43,560 feet squared. So to get ten acres you have to multiply by ten which leaves 435,600 feet.
You would then have to find the square root of 435,600 feet, which is 660 feet on either side if the lot is square. As has been mentioned this only applies if the lot is a square lot.
An acre of land will generally not need to have the width of it or length of it in feet taken.
The acre originated in the imperial system in the UK and is still used to measure the size of plots of land across the world, even in places where metric sizing is used for everything else.
There are about 4,050 metres squared in an acre as a metre is a larger area than a yard which has more.
Often a hectare is used as a measurement, this is a larger area and an acre is about 40 per cent of a hectare. The hectare is commonly used in metric using countries also.
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Half of the previous answer is correct.  10 acres is indeed 435600 square feet.  ASSUMING the lot is square (which doesn't always happen) then each side would be the square root of 435600 square feet, or 660 feet.

An error can be detected when the units don't make sense.  Dividing "square feet" by four, still gives you units of "square feet,"  whereas taking the square root of "square feet" yields "feet", which are the units of the answer you were looking for.  

But you could just as easily argue the lot could be rectangular, that is, say 4356 feet x 100 feet, or any other combination that multiplies out to 435600.
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10 acres of land how many feet on each side?
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600 feet
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1,089 feet are on each of the four sides.

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