What Is Polarization Of Light Waves?


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Polarization of light waves:
"The process of removal of undesired component of light is called polarization of light waves".

Sometime we want to remove undesired components from the light wave to reduce its intensity, for this purpose we use phenomena of polarization. Sun glasses are the common example of polarization.

Plane of polarization:
"The plane containing electric vector and direction of motion of the wave is called plane of polarization".

If a light wave is polarized in the direction of positive y-axis and the direction of propagation of polarized wave is in the positive x-axis then the x-y plane is called plane of polarization. Similarly if light wave is polarized in positive z-axis and propagate in x-axis then x-z plane is plane of polarization.

"If a polarizing sheet is used to polarize the light then it is called polarizer".

If a sheet is used to remove the undesired component of the light from a light wave, then this sheet is called polarizer.

"If a Polaroid disc is used to test the polarized light then it is called analyzer".

The disc which is used to check whether the light is polarized or non-polarized, then this sheet or disc is called analyzer.


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