What Are Three Characteristics Of A Wave That You Can Measure?


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Various forms of the common characteristics of wave cycles. Disturbed physical quantities change with time periodically, that is the same point of the physical quantities through a cycle in the fully restored to its original value; Shi You have a space in space to pass periodic, that is along the direction of wave propagation through a space after the distance faced with the same vibrational state (for example, particle displacement and velocity). Therefore, the disturbed physical quantities you is the time t, also a spatial location r of the periodic function, the function you (t, r) is called the wave function or fluctuations in expression are quantitative description of fluctuations in the process of mathematical expressions. Broadly speaking, those who describe the state of motion function of a time-periodic and space periodic features can be called the wave, such as gravitational waves, micro-particle probability wave (see wave-particle duality) and so on.
The common characteristics of various waves are: ① in different media at the interface can generate reflection and refraction of isotropic media interface, compliance with law of reflection and refraction law (see law of reflection, refraction law); ② the usual linear the observance of wave superposition principle of wave superposition (see the light of independent media theory); ③ two beams or more than two beams under certain conditions, superposition of waves generated when interference phenomena (see the interference of light); ④ on the case of wave propagation path when the obstacle can produce diffraction phenomena (see the light diffraction); ⑤ S-wave can produce polarization phenomena (see the light polarization).

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