What Are Characteristics Of Light Waves?


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Light waves donĀ“t need matter in order to travel hope I help you !!! :)
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Light waves are  electromagnetic waves which are composed of two field including electric field and magnetic field. These two fields are perpendicular to each other and also perpendicular to the propagation of light waves. According to classical theory light waves require a medium to travel and the medium is named as ether. Light has dual nature i.e it behave as a wave as well as a particle. When a light wave strikes with a solid object it changes it path, this property is called diffraction of light. When light waves are fall on mirror they reflect but a small fraction of these waves are absorbed by the mirror. When a light wave passes from denser to lower medium or from lower to denser medium it changes its path. When light incidents on a surface and reflects, then angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. According to the Snell's law Ratio of Sin of angle of incidence and Sin of angle of refraction is constant. Light waves can be polarized because they are transverse waves. Moreover, the speed of light is 3 x 108 meters per second.

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