Advantages And Disadvantages Of Science Inventions?


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There are many opinions in favor of and against scientific inventions. Some of these arguments can be found listed below:

  • Scientific inventions have helped us discover things we never knew before such as how to treat illnesses and disease.
  • A lot of aspects of life have been made a lot easier thanks to scientific inventions.
  • Science offers countless opportunities to keep making new discoveries and proving new theories.
  • Some tasks can be completed more efficiently and within a shorter space of time. This in turn may help make life easier for many people.
  • It can help predict natural disasters and weather conditions that could potentially save the lives of thousands of people by moving them to safety.
  • Some people think inventions make people become lazier and less capable of doing things for themselves in both a physical and mental capacity. This is because they rely more on machines and products produced through scientific inventions.
  • Technological advances that have been developed thanks to science can be blamed for creating dangerous items such as weapons and bombs that can be caused to kill people on a larger scale than every before, such as the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. 
  • Sometimes the science does not get things right and some inventions can lead to people being killed or injured.
  • Some people believe investing money on this type of thing is a waste of spending that could be better spent elsewhere. 
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Advantage=My Dad

Disadvantage=My Mum

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