A 0.7549 G. Sample Of The Compound Burns In 02(g) To Produce 1.9061g Of CO2 And .3370 G Of H2O(g). Calculate The Individual Masses Of C, H, And O In The 0.7549g Sample. And Determine The Empirical Formula For The Compound?


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The mass of Carbon in 1.9061g CO2 is 1.9061*(12/44)=0.5198g
the mass of H in 0.3370g H2O is 0.3370*(2/18)=0.0374g
the mass of O in the compound is 0.7549-0.5198-0.0374=0.1977g
the numbers atom C:H:O is 0.5198/12 : 0.0374/1 : 0.1977/16 =0.0433:0.0374: 0.0123 =4:3:1
so the compound is C4H3O

4C4H3O+17O2 = 16CO2 + 6H2O
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Considering that 0.0433 / 0.0123 = 3.5 you would have to times every answer by 2 so the answer should be 7:3:2 instead of 4:3:1 meaning you would have C7H6O2 as your answer and then you would have to balance.

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