When Was Tippex Invented?


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Tipp-Ex was a company that was founded in the year 1959, in Frankfurt, Germany. It was invented by Otto Carls. The first product invented was the correction paper for the use with typewriters. Tipp was derived from the German word "type" (which means tip) and 'Ex' is the Latin word for no-more.

It was in the year 1965, that the correction fluid called Tip Ex was developed. It was a unique European brand that was sold across 150 countries. The correction tape was introduced in 1992. Subsequently, the pocket correction tape was introduce in 1995. In 1998 the correction pen was introduced, with the mini pocket correction tape being introduced in the following year. With the growing technology, Tip Ex also reached the miniature world, with the launch of its earsers in 2000.
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Tippex was founded in 1979 by Neil Taylor. And it is a brand
of correction fluid and other related products that is popular throughout

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