When Was Semaphore Invented?


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It is believed that semaphore was invented in the year 1684 by an English scientist Robert Hooke. He first submitted a comprehensive outline of it to the Royal Society. In his submission, he described many practical details, but his system never came into practical use.

Semaphore is also called optical telegraph and it is an apparatus that conveys information through visual signals. The position of the mechanical elements used in the system encodes the information; it is encoded when blade or flag lies in fix position.

These days, it refers to a system that uses two handheld flags. Optical telegraphy has other forms also which include Ship Flags, Heliographs and Aldis lamps.

Semaphore lines are faster than post riders to bring messages over long distance, but they are quite expensive and privacy is also less. And which is why electrical telegraph lines would replace them.

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