When Was Gunpowder Invented?


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Gunpowder has been around for a long time now. Though it was first used officially in Europe for military purposes in the year 1346 A.D. in the Battle of Crecy by the British, that was not the year it was first discovered.

The people who invented gunpowder were the Chinese. They are credited with producing gunpowder from salt petre, sulphur, and charcoal sometime during the 9th century A.D. The earliest uses of gunpowder were in primitive rockets and projectiles. The Chinese realized the potency of this invention and by the 13th century A.D. they had a full-fledged Bureau of Munitions. It oversaw the use of gunpowder in the manufacture of explosives. At that time the Bureau ran seven factories. These factories were responsible for the manufacture of over 7000 rockets and 21000 bombs per day.

The first time the Chinese actually used gunpowder in a conflict situation was in kaifeng, the capital of the Jin Empire in northern China, against the invading Mongol army.
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Mir Fatehullah Khan is known to history as the inventor of gun and gunpowder. The presumption that gunpowder was first made by the Chinese does not stand the test of historical research. Writing in his book Arab Civilization, the author says that "gunpowder was a great invention of the Arabs who were already using guns". Guns were used by Arabs in 1340 A.D. in the defence of Al-Bashir, when Frandzel besieged it. The statement of Dr. Leabon about the invention of gunpowder by the Arabs is further corroborated by Mr. Scott in his well-known work, History of the Moorish Empire in Spain

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