How Many Muscles Dose It Take To Slap Someone?


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Dr. Vijay Chandran. (M.B.B.S. Kohli University, Neurological Surgeon, Cochi Neuro Hospital)

When We Lift Our Hands It Takes More Than 300 Ligaments To Be Stretched To Hold The Upper And Lower Biceps Brachii. Muscles Which Work Under Conditions While Lifting An Arm Are Mainly:
1) Upper Deltoids.
2) Lower Deltoids.
3) Pectoralis Major.
4) Pectoralis Minor.
5) Seratus Anterior Inner.
6) Seratus Anterior Outer.
7) Trapezius.
8) Teres Major.
9) Triceps.
10) Rhomboideus. Etc.
There Lots Of Other Smaller And Bigger Muscles Which Are Used Only To MOVE, STRETCH & LIFT An Arm Of A Human Body By Itself.

Now Coming Straight To The Point:
While Slapping We Are Not Only Lifting And Moving Our Hands (which is rather equivalent to stretching the muscles), But Also We Are Applying Force/Power, Which Is Generated By The Muscles From Shoulders And Upper Rib Muscles (seratus anterior). So, Lots Of Other Muscles And Innumerable Ligaments Are Involved While Slapping.

To Keep It Summarized:
In Case Of Female, It Takes 56 Muscles And 168 Ligaments Only To Slap, Whereas A Male Human Body Needs 58 Muscles And 200 Ligaments. (approx.)

With Regards,
Dr. V. Chandran.

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