What Are The Elements Of Tourism?


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The elements of tourism are hospitality, technology, customer care, follow up, and marketing; all of these elements work together to produce a positive image and customer care reputation for a tourism business. For example, a hotel that caters to tourists may be located in a popular resort area, such as a mountain range where people ski in winter and hike in summer. To entice customers years round, the business would need to market the beauty of the hotel and the splendid scenery of the local region. Then, they would need to back up their ads with superlative hospitality, such as hotel amenities and fine dining and maid service.

Technology would be used to make the hotel run more efficiently, and to marketing the business more effectively. Customer care would be the priority during the sales cycle, from the initial booking and check-in, to the final follow up.

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• Many people who are interested in the cycle and elements of tourism decide to study tourism at community colleges, universities, and other, similar schools. Courses on business management are taught alongside specialty tourism courses that focus on hotels and other popular tourism business components.

• Tourism is about image, but it must be backed up with solid service. For example, to attract new clients, a hotel tourism business must provide something special to travelers who are looking for specific features, such as premium service (massages, room service, dry cleaning service, etc.) and luxury rooms. All marketing will be focused on the pampering and pleasure a client will receive while staying at the hotel. On the other hand, if the hotel is a budget hotel, designed for families traveling on a shoestring budget, economy will be stressed during ads and promos.

All of these elements of tourism are vital to the longevity and success of a tourism-related company.
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Could please elaborate to me the meaning of departing travelers, traveler generating region, transit route region and returning travelers?
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1. Departing Travelers
2. Traveler Generating Region
3. Transit Route Region
4. Tourist Destination Region
5. Returning Travelers
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In Tourism tourist tries to seek information, goes for reservations and makes the departure.The tourist is the key player in this system. Tourism, in fact, is a
human experience, enjoyed, anticipated and recalled by a lot as a
historic or life time aspect. There are some elements of tourism:-traveller generating region,tourist destination region,transit route region.

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Departing travelers, travelers generating region, transit route region,tourist destination region, returning travelers

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