How Neuron Transport Message From One Another?


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Neurons are the cells in the nervous system. Each neuron has a cell body, and an axon, and a dendrite. Axons are long narrow segments of the cell that have receptors on the end to receive a message from an adjoining cell. The message comes into the cell through the axon, and then goes out through the dendrite. The dendrite is another part of the cell that looks like a root of a plant. It has many "roots" near the axons of many other cells and conveys the message to the other cells. The neuron acts like an electrical wire. The message coming into the cell through the axon is an electrical charge, which runs down the axon and out the dendrite. At the end of the dendrite are little 'containers' of neurotransmitters. When the charge is enough, the neurotransmitters are released into the gap between the dendrite and the axon of the nearby cell. The neurotransmitters drift over to the receptors on the axon which then causes the next cell to fire.  One neuron connects up with thousands of other cells.

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