How Does The Brain Send Messages To The Body?


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The brain can get signals, add them up, and signal back for action in a split second. Different parts of the brain do different things.

The medulla, at the top of the signal cord, controls nerves that are in charge of certain muscles and glands. The medulla keeps your heart beating, your lungs taking in air and your stomach digesting food.

The cerebellum controls body movement and balance. The cerebellum is where is where thinking, learning, remembering, deciding and awareness take place. The sensation of seeing, smelling, tasting and touching are centred here. So are the body feelings.

The so far have learnt that the messages travel through the nervous system –to and from the brain- are weak electrical charges. The billions of nerve cells in the body form a huge network that leads to the spine. Along the way, nerves from different parts of the body come together in thick bundles. A thick cable of nerves runs up the hollow of the spine to brain. One set of the nerves in the cable carries messages from senses to brain. Another set carries messages from the brain to the muscles and glands. The brain sorts out the signals and makes the right connections.
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- A Nueron sends its messages across a gap called the Synapse by releasing Neuronrasmitters. These Neurotransmitters are received by the Dendrite if another Neuron. Then this just continues through all nueron till it reaches the brain.
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It uses the cerebellum
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I think the brain is the commander of the body .the order given by it is to be done by us.and it takes a fraction of second to come.but for the people whose brain is damaged is no message sent back from the brain.

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