For How Many Days In The Year Does It Rain In England?


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You would be best visiting the Met Office as they gather UK weather data.
I found this fantastic part of the website where you can see the average number of days that rainfall occurs. If you select "Days of rain >= 0.2mm (tiny amount of rain) in the first box, "Annual" in the second box and "1971-2000" in the bottom box, you'll see a visual representation of your answer. Around the Thames inlet through into central London, there's less than 150 days per year, In the Midlands there's around 175 days per year and down in Cornwall there's about 190 days of rain.
For more than 1cm of rain, England only tends to get 20 days per year!
If you're after one particular part of England, try this page:
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According to the Walkers Crisps (part of the Frito-Lay Company) TV Advertisement, The UK enjoys 154 rainy days per year. Perfect conditions for growing great potatoes, apparently!
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In England it rains throughout the year. The country has a moderate climate, though their seasons are quiet uneven in temperature. Nevertheless the temperature hardly ever falls below -5C or manages to go up above 30C. The general winds run from the southeast, getting mild and wet weather to England regularly from the Atlantic Ocean.

The temperature towards the eastern side is mostly dry and the warmest in southeast, which is very close to the European mainland. Snowfall does occur in winter and early spring, but is very irregular.

The highest temperature recorded so far in England was 38.5C which occurred on August 10, 2003 at Brogdale, Faversham, in Kent. The lowest temperature recorded was -26.1C on January 10, 1982 at Edmond, Newport, Shropshire. There is scanty rainfall throughout the year on irregular basis in England.
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