What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Competitive Environment?


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Well disadvantages of a competitive enviroment would be that some businesses last and some don't. If it's too competitive at which rate would a business go out of business and which would survive? A job market is very competitive and you have to know how to survive or get the job depending on qualifications. Not sure if that was what the answer you were looking for based on your question. In today's society your competing for jobs.
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I agree with you Danielle. There are both positive and negative sides of Competitive environment. Advantage is that at some point competition brings efficiency. Competition is market brings good products and services to consumers.
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Creating a competitive environment that helps lower product prices.
The competitive environment in which Jupitermedia competes; the unpredictability of Jupitermedia's future revenues, expenses, cash flows and stock price.

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