3. Water Is Necessary For Life. Is The Marginal Benefit Of A Glass Of Water Large Or Small?


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A glass of water is going to benefit everyone, no matter who we are. However, there are many places within this world where a glass of water is going to benefit some people more than others and this is going to relate to how wealthy the country is and what the climate is like. Within America and many other countries which are wealthy within the world, a glass of water is not going to mean much as we can have them whenever we want own, however within countries such as Africa, there are going to be many areas where there is no access to water and therefore the marginal benefit of a glass is going to be much greater.

· Poorer countries

You will find that the poorer countries are not going to be able to ensure that all of their populations are going to be able to have a glass of water when they need one. This is because they do not have the funding to ensure that there can be clean water which can be pumped and delivered on a regular basis. This is not the fault of the country as they simple do not have the funds to deliver this necessity to the areas which need it the most.

You may have never experienced what it is like to see the importance of water and what a lack of water can do to someone's health. You will be able to find that many different charities ensure that the poorer countries have the water system that they need so they can be as hydrated as possible. A glass of water is nothing if you have always been able to have one whenever you like. But it is going to mean the world if you have to survive without water on a daily basis.

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