Will Lemon Juice Kill A Plant?


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The acidity in lemon juice is likely to damage your plant, but whether it manages to kill the plant off completely depends on the plant and the amount of lemon juice in question.

Will lemon juice kill plants? Lemon juice is often suggested for use as a natural weed-killer. The truth is though that lemon juice alone isn't always effective.

The high acidity of lemon juice works in the same way as acid rain does: It strips the soil of nutrients, and reacts to make it more difficult for a plant to absorb water.

For a really effective home-made weed killer, I'd recommend a combination of lemon juice, vinegar and salt.

How to save plants from lemon juice If, on the other hand, your aim is to save a plant from lemon juice contamination, I'd recommend keeping the plant well watered and adding nutrients to the soil.

You may also want to consider digging up the plant and replanting in a different location.
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Lemon juice contains citric acid which is usually neither harmful nor helpful for plants, so it cannot kill plants.

In some cases, if you feed lots of lemon juice and not water, it can cause harm to small plants.

Big trees don't show any reaction as they make their food themselves.
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They don't kill plants because it is developed to protect plants.
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If you put in lots of sugar, probably.

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