What Are Some Tips For Better Communication In Healthcare In The Future?


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Good communication in the healthcare sector is vital and there are some areas that can be developed on in order to improve communication. For example, it is incredibly important that a healthcare worker gives their patient their full and undivided attention. There is nothing worse for a patient than feeling uneasy with their consultant, so to ensure that they feel comfortable, healthcare professionals need to inspire trust and confidence. In addition, if a healthcare worker acts like they are in a hurry, a patient may feel rushed and refrain from giving all the information about their symptoms because they don’t have enough time to think about it. Moreover, a happy and friendly manner will help patients to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your hands.

You must always take note of a patient’s body language because in some cases, what a patient doesn’t say may speak volumes compared to what they do say. In many cases patients may be embarrassed about certain illnesses or conditions they have so it is important to pick up on any defensive body language and help them feel comfortable so they can explain what they are concerned about. Also, it is important to notice body language with colleagues within the healthcare sector because ultimately you need to help each other and work together to produce the best results for patients.  Moreover, it is important to establish a relationship with your patients especially if you will be required to treat them for a long period of time. So, try and get to know them and perhaps ask about their families and so on. In addition, having pamphlets and leaflets about certain medical issues may help outline a patient’s concern and will improve communication. Also, you could consider talking through the pamphlet with them to help them understand.

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