How Many Countries In Africa Are Democracies?


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As of July 2009 there are 21 democracies in Africa & a further 6 countries that could be described as flawed or semi democracies. This compares to just 3 democracies in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell.

In addition the number of military coups in Africa is steadily declining. In the 1960s there were 24 coups, in the 1990s there were 14, so far this decade there have been less than 10.

Functioning democracies
1. Nigeria
2. South Africa
3. Kenya
4. Ghana
5. Mali
6. Niger
7. Benin
8. Senegal
9. Sierra leone
10. Liberia
11. Central African Republic
12. Mozambique
13. Tanzania
14. Botswana
15. Namibia
16. Mauritius
17. Cape Verde
18. Lesotho
19. Sao Tome
20. Comoros
21. Seychelles

Semi or flawed democracies
1. Algeria
2. Angola
3. Burundi
4. Malawi
5. Zambia
6. Guinea Bissau
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Well forty five out of fifty three countries in Africa are democracies. For more information related to Africa you can have a look at the following website. It will help.

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