What Is The Importance Of Biochemistry In Pharmacy?


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Importance of biochemistry can be seen from the fact that it is used in many day to day activities.It is used in clinical diagnosis ,  manufacture of various biological products, treatment of diseases, in nutrition, agriculture etc.The study of biochemistry helps one understand the actual chemical concepts of biology . Biochemistry  is a branch of science which deals with chemical basis of life in plants and animals.Biochemistry in general deals with body substance like enzymes, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, proteins, hormones, DNA, RNA, pigments etc. 

Biochemistry had a eminent importance in pharmacy.In a pharmacy, many drugs are stored for regular usage,biochemistry gives an idea of the constitution of the drug, its chances of degradation with changes in  temperature etc.


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Biochemistry is becoming more and more important in pharmacy. Biopharmaceuticals are methods that use biological organisms to produce drugs. Biopharmaceuticals are manufactured using the principles and methods of microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, and pharmacy. A class of drugs used to prevent, treat, and diagnose diseases. For example, ox bile extract (Ox Bile Desiccated), dried or desiccated which contains ox bile acids. This powder is specifically been developed for Pharmaceutical Industry, which is prepared by a low temperature dehydration process which ensures a uniform product.

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