What Is The Difference Between Xon And Xoff?


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XON/XOFF is software data flow communication protocol which is used for controlling the correct flow of data among computers and other devices. X resembles transmitter. It is commonly known as "Software flow control".

Basically the computer will send an XOFF character signal when it can't process more data, later when it can take in more data once again it will send a signal off XON to the transmitter.

The XON/XOFF protocol system is generally controlled by the person to whom the data is being transferred. The recipient sends in a XOFF character to the person sending in the information if it is unable to process any more data.

The sender then immediately suspends the data transfer. When the receiver is able to accept data again it immediately sends the XON character to the sender, and the transfer of data is resumed once again.

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