What Is Azeotropic Mixture?


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An azeotrope is a special mixture. It is a solution that forms a vapour having the same concentration as the solution, distilling without a change in concentration. It comprises two or more compounds or molecules.

The ratio of the compounds in an azeotrope is the same in the vapour form of the mixture. So, if an azeotropic mixture has two compounds called compound X and compound Y, the ratio of X and Y in the azeotropic mixture in the liquid state is represented as X:Y = 1:1.

An azeotrope is a liquid mixture of two or more components. An azeotropic mixture is a unique mixture with a constant boiling point. The azeotrope may boil at a higher, lower or medium temperature. This temperature is relative to the liquids that constitute the azeotropic mixture. The liquid retains the same composition as it is boiled. Some examples of azeotropic mixtures are nitric acid/water, perchloric acid/water, hydrofluoric acid/water, ethanol/water, sulphuric acid/water, acetone/methanol/chloroform, diethyl ether/halothane and benzene/hexafluorobenzene.

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