What Is A 'Sunny Day'?


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The Sun is always shining out there in space, but whether we are able to enjoy a 'sunny day' on Earth depends upon local weather conditions - mainly on how much cloud there is in the sky.

A sunny day is one where there is very little, or no, cloud in the sky, enabling us to get the full benefit of the sun's rays.

Depending upon the time of year, a sunny day might also be a very warm one, too, since a clear sky allows a lot more heat to reach the ground.

I always love a sunny day, regardless of the time of year. But in Britain (where I live) we get depressingly few days that we could consider truly 'sunny', and these don't often occur at the time of year when it is actually hot enough to go out in a pair of shorts and make the most of the sunshine!

Here in Britain, people often use sunny days as an opportunity to hang out their washing but, in China, this is taken to the extreme. I've seen photographs showing that whole communities hang their bedding out on any available surface, which really is a sight to behold!

The Chinese do this as a result of tradition, as well as practicality, but the sun's ultraviolet rays do have the added benefit of killing off any bedbugs and mites in the bedding.

However, due to China's rampant industrialisation, the air pollution can mean that the bedding often ends up covered with more damaging particulates than was the case before it was hung outside.
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A day where the sun casts its light directly on the Earth, and there isn't a single cloud in the sky.
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It means a nice day.

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