What Is Your Ethnicity?


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I already told you that I am an Aleut/white mix, but since you asked, I don't mind saying it again.
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Whats Aleut?
Jacquelyn Mathis
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That is one of the Alaska native indian tribes of people, there are others too, eskimo, tklinket, haida, athabascan, and another one that escapes me for now.
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I'm white, I think all of my family and (as far back as my current family can remember) recent ancestors live and lived in the same city in England within a few miles of me. I'd be surprised if I had any other sort of ethnicity or foreign blood within me at all lol.
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I am white and American (originally from NYC)....but I do have rosy cheeks lol.  I am three-quarters Irish ancestry and a quarter German.
Interestingly, though, it has recently been proven that all humans can trace their ancestry to Africa, so I guess I'm also black.....just really really REALLY light-skinned...lol.
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My mother is from Trinidad (in the Carribbean); her mother was St. Lucian (in the Carribbean), her father also from Trinidad made up of British white, Amerindian, Chinese, and black (African I guess you can say).
My father is from Bronx, NY (black) but his mother has Irish ancestry and his father is black and Cherokee Native American.
Whew, so much to write, lol
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My deepest apologies to both Amkhaibitu and Shifty37; I'm afraid I broke my own cardinal
rule by answering the question without reading the rest of it on the next page. I shall try to be more careful in the future! BTB
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My Father's family came from Germany.. Can't remember how many "greats" there are but his great (ect.) grandfather came here to escape the Kaiser's army during the SECOND REICH of Imperial Germany about 1871 (before Hitler's Third Reich) His ancestors were of German/Dutch decent. On my mother's side of the family.. Her ancestors also came here near the turn of the century from Scotland and were of Scottish/English decent.. Hmmm.... Maybe my great great great great grandfather was a Scottish Laird. :) Maybe that's the source of my insatiable fascination with medieval Scotland. :)
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This is another one of those potentially ambiguous questions that depends on how you read it.
I would venture to guess that the writer (Amkhaibitu) could be inquiring into the ethnicity of each person to read this, but would likely generate an almost limitless supply of possible answers due, in large part, to the rapidly increasing mixture in the genetics that lead to one's heritage.
An alternative reading that comes to mind changes the content such that our questioner might be asking something altogether different, that being something along the line 'What is this question asking?' If this is indeed the question it can be simplified somewhat by reducing the level of ambiguity and including the meaning of 'Ethnicity.'
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I'm Finnish, Armenian and Persian. So I'm half caucasian white and half mid-asian white.

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I'm a Pacific Islander I'm from a native Hawaiian/Tongan & native Easter islander & I get to visit my Grand aunt at tonga every year. The beaches are SO amazing!
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I am African American, Caucasion, and many more. I am still in the process of finding my complete heritage.

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