What Ethnicity Is The Name Stookey?


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Stookey is an English and German origin name. It is taken as altered spelling of English Stuckey or German Stucki.
Some other Interesting information regarding Stookey is:
Average life expectancy of Stookey accordng to Year 2004 was 68 Years. Highest recorded life expectancy achieved by Stookey was 82 years in 1991.
Top occupation for Stookey was Farmer. Other occupations with Stookey's records are:
Laborer and House keeping.
Visit: Distribution of Stookey families in UK and Wales in 1891.
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The name stookey is altered spelling of the English word Stuckey or the German word Stucki.

Its place of origin is found in England. The surname stookey is known to be a locational name from the Old English word ‘stoc’ which means “place’.

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