How Much Does Technetium Cost?


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There are many prices suggested for Technetium but one value that seems to appear in a number of discussions is $60 per gram. This is a very average valuation and in order to find the most accurate cost, it will be necessary to consider the exact weight in question, where it is being evaluated and what the current exchange rate prices are.

Without this information, only an average price of $60 per gram can be given. Technetium is a radioactive element, only minute amounts of which can be found within nature. It only occurs naturally as a product of spontaneous fission in uranium core, or by neutron capture in molybdenum ores. The creator of the periodic table, Dmitri Mendeleev, predicted a number of the element's characteristics before it had been discovered.

• Physical Characteristics of Technetium

Technetium has a similar appearance to Platinum with a silvery gray color. In its most common form it is obtained as a gray powder and the crystal structure of it is hexagonal close packed.

Technetium is paramagnetic. This means that the magnetic dipoles align with external magnetic fields. However, when the field is removed it will assume random orientations. It becomes a type II superconductor below temperatures of 7.46 K. It will have a high magnetic penetration depth.

• Chemical Characteristics of Technetium

Within the periodic table, technetium is placed in the seventh group. It can be found between manganese and rhenium. Its chemical properties are intermediate between the two. It is closest to rhenium with its chemical inertness and the tendency to form covalent bonds.

The complex and radioactive element of technetium is extremely valuable, with an average cost of $60 per gram. In order to find the most current prices of technetium, you will need to search for them online and consult an appropriate source.

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