Who Are Some Chemistry Scientists And Their Contribution?


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Over the past three centuries, there have been many high profile chemists who have made important contributions to chemistry and science as a whole. Their work has allowed chemical engineering to develop, new medicines to be produced and a variety of health and beauty products to be sold on the market today.

Notable chemistry scientists include:

• Aaron Klug, a British chemist of recent times, who won the 1982 Nobel Prize for work in chemistry. His work includes the development of crystallographic electron microscopy, which has enabled scientists from around the world to investigate particle physics further. He has also spent time working to investigate nucleic acid-protein complexes.

• Alan MacDiarmid, a chemistry scientist from New Zealand who also won a Nobel Prize, along with his academic colleagues in the year 2000. His work contributed to the formulation of a method that allowed the creation of conductive polymers. These are organic polymers that have been chemically modified to conduct electricity, and have many modern day uses.

• The Dutch chemist Julius Thomsen, who specialized in the physical wide of chemistry rather than on more biological aspects. He is most famous for his contribution to the structure of the periodic table; it was he who showed how each period should end with a non-reactive noble gas. He also worked in thermochemistry - the study of temperature variations in chemical reactions. He looked at exothermic reactions (around 3500 different reactions in total), measuring how much heat was released in various reaction types.

• Kurt Alder, the German chemist who along with Otto Diels developed diene synthesis. This process - also known as the Diels-Alder reaction - involves the conversion of dienes into ring molecules. He won the 1950 chemistry Nobel Prize.

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