What Are The Contribution Of Quirino O. Navarro?


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With significant contributions to nuclear science, Dr. Quirino O. Navarro is a leading chemist, born in the Philippines, 29th March, 1936.

Graduating from the University of the Philippines in 1956, he went onto study nuclear chemistry at the University of California, receiving a PhD in 1962.

Using cryogenic techniques, Dr Quirino is most famous for his findings in the discovery of nuclear properties in the isotopes of Californium, Einsteinium and Dysprosium. The outcomes of which have been published in two separate books, and three nuclear science journals, making them well known to those in the scientific community.

Dr. Quirino O. Navarro carried out much of his inaugural work in the two decades that he began his studies, the 50s and 60s. This was a time when nuclear chemistry was still in a state of flux, and therefore he is considered to be an extremely important international contributor to this particular field of science.

Dr. Navarro's later work has focused on the computerization of instruments used to analyze nuclear chemistry, and also helped bring the science into the present day. He continues to give lectures and conduct research, isolating further components of nuclear and organic chemistry. He also works alongside visiting researchers, and other scientists from his laboratories in California and the Philippines.

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