What Are The Positive Effects Of Earthquake?


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I guess in some cases like Haiti, it is a positive thing that so much aid has been offered, the state of their life style and conditions are now public and many will wish to help rebuild and improve it!
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The only positive effect of the haitian earthquake is that all eyes are turned toward haiti. The aid offered is NOT a positive thing, because many aid organizations in Haiti are making matters worse. The term "give them the fishing rod, not the fish" has real relevance here because what Haiti needs right now is a stable government that can fix the problems for them. When the international community intervenes, they often offer to much help and in the process, the country becomes dependent on foreign aid. For example, the US, deciding to play the good guys (although not to long ago we played a part in Haitian destruction) got rid of their excess wheat and gave it to the haitians, who sold it for cheap. There was so much that the haitians became dependent on it, and the wheat put the farmers in the area out of work. It was a losing situation on their part. The only thing we should do now is, after of course supplying the haitians with medical doctors and supplies, building the government back up.

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