What Are The Effects And Consequences Of The Kobe Earthquake ?


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- Caused over 6,000 deaths and enormous property destruction and damage.
- About 75,000 buildings were damaged and destroyed.
- 26, 000 people injured
- 310, 000 people left homeless
- 60 Billion quid to repair the damage made
- Around 120 quays were destroyed.
- People left outside - too afraid to return home in fear of electrocution
- Collapse of buildings led to over 300 fires within minutes of the earthquake
- A lot of buildings sunk into the ground due to too much liquid or movement of or in the soil.
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Kobe earthquake was an earthquake that hit Japan on January 17, 1995. This earthquake measured 6.8 on the Moments magnitude scale and 7.3 mj on JMA magnitude scale.

The epicenter location of this earthquake was Awaji Island, Japan. This earthquake had devastating effects on Japan. Around 6,434 people lost their lives in this earthquake in which 4,600 were from Kobe. It also caused ten trillion yen or $200 billion in damages. Which constituted 2.5% of GDP of Japan.  Around 300,000 people were left homeless after this earthquake.
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The earthquake brought sorrow and deaths to kobe, people used other peoples homes as shelters and/or slept outside. The electricity came on quickly. And people in the north could see the damage for the city! The rain after brought land slides and boulder to fall off the mountains.....

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Many people lost there lives and houses
many buildings are destroyed

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