What Is The Hottest Country In Europe During The Month Of December?


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The hottest country in Europe in December, on average, is Greece, more specifically the southern part of Greece, Crete.

The average December temperature in Crete is 18 degrees C. There will be warmer days, of course, but this is the average temperature. There is a normally a lot of rainfall in December throughout most of Europe.

Cyprus is also a country that can be warm in December. Even though, geographically speaking, Cyprus is part of Asia; the island has always been a part of Europe. The temperatures in Cyprus in December can reach the low 20 degrees C, and the weather could be described as spring-like.

Sunbathing and swimming are possible on certain winter days, as the country's geographical location means that the standard European winter starts a little later than in most other European countries.

Other warm European countries in December are southern Spain (particularly Andalusia), and southern parts of Turkey.

Andalusia is the southern-most Spanish province and the average daily winter temperature is 17 degrees C. The reason it remains so warm in Andalusia in the winter months is because the Sierra Nevada stops cool air masses coming from the north and the Mediterranean allows warm air masses to enter from the south.

It can sometimes however, snow in Andalusia, despite the subtropical climate the province benefits from.

Generally, the further south in Europe you travel the warmer it is likely to be, due to the geography of the continent. The Canary Islands, situated off the west coast of Northern Africa, also have very reasonable temperatures in December. The islands are part of Spain and therefore qualify as part of Europe. The temperatures here can reach the mid-20s Celsius at times in December.
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If you are looking for hot temperatures around Europe in December, the areas closest to Africa and Middle East countries have warm climates in December.
Southern Spain, Southern Italy, Greece Turkey, Israel and the Canary Islands all have a temperature ranging from 12 to 21 degree Celsius.

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hi juliaa, thanks for your suggestion...I was in Malaga (Southern Spain-Costa del Sol) for Christmas in 2005, and the family was freezing at 14°C. A friend just told me that Heraklion (Crete, Greece) would be a nice spot for Christmas. Thanks for your answer!
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Try goa a nice 35 degrees
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I think you should look for countries like Greece and Spain. If you are thinking about Scotland then think again because it's very cool out here in the months of December and January.

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