What Is Weather In Late December In Europe?


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Southern Spain: Very mild
North of Sweden: Extremely cold
And everything in between, you can't give a general answer for whole of Europe.
In Western Europe consider that, the closer you get to the sea, the smaller the fluctuations because the sea water acts as a buffer.
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Weather in late December is cool, in fact very cool in the north portion of the earth. The north portion of the earth is away from sun due to earth's rotation, so it becomes cool. In some countries the weather is very cool and in some countries the weather is normal. The countries nearer to North Pole have cooler weather and the countries nearer to Equator have normal or warm weather. While the countries which lies in south portion of the earth have summer. Because the sun shines directly on them and they are nearer to sun due to earth's Motion, so they have warm weather in December.
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Realy no kidding lol nice weather report. I live in northern New england USA and the national weather board on the TV always report the same thing, "it's cool here in the north east". So how about a real forcast based on real temperatures from the last say ten years. I can tell you here in Maine there is seldom snow worth mentioning and temps are about and average of 20F. In January you will see real snow and temps start pushing down to 0 degrees. Winter weather preparations and travel adviserys are daily. Such as winter hats, gloves, boots rated for 0 degree weather. Car survival kits should include a anttena flag blanket, shovel, scraper, sand for tires and anti freez liquid for the wippers. It is stuff like that I am looking for as I am trying to be properly prepaird for a trip to Europe in December- January.

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