Can You State Your Stance On The Terri Schiavo Case, And Identify The Moral Value Judgment That Influenced You To Choose Your Stance?


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The body is covered with hair except two places,what two places are they? 
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Terri Schiavo was murdered by the state of Florida on behalf of her abusive husband, Michael.  There were so many lies told about this case in the media and so much suppression of evidence that people actually believe that Terri's death was what she would have wanted, even though there is not a single shred of evidence to show that.  There is evidence, however, that Michael may have put her in her state.  Many caretakers have testified that they held conversations with Terri over the years, which violates the legal definition of being in a vegetative state.  Terri's case became more about the left-wing Right To Die movement in the press than it was about her right to live.  Visit for more information or read Silent Witness: The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death by Mark Fuhrman.
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Terri schiavo should have been allowed to die peacefully. Once you are married it is you and/or your spouse who is there to make decisions about what to do if a spouse winds up in this condition. That is part of the contract you have when you are married.  this was not a government issue there should have not been any interference from the state governor or the president or anyone. I understand her parents grief but wanting to hold on to an empty shell because you don't want to let it go is no reason to put her husband through what they did.  morals really shouldn't and don't come into my position, it was just the right thing to do for both her and her husband. 

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