Describe A Time When Your Moral Values Influenced The Way You Responded To An Issue? What Difference Did You Notice Between Logical Reasoning Process And Moral Reasoning ? What Were The Possible Outcome/consequences Of You R Decision?


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I am a big believer in every child has a right to life. A close friend of mine was pregnant,and she already is raising three kids on her own. She called me one day and asked for my opinion,on should she keep the baby or abort the pregnancy.I do not believe in abortion,but I had to look at it from her perspective she already is struggling with three other kids and can't afford another child.I also had to remind her,that she can't fault the child when she could have taken precautions so that it did not happen.My moral value is clashing with the logicalside.My moral says to have the baby and put it up for adoption,because there are a lot of families who wants kids and can not have them.The logical side of me is saying,you can barely take care of the kids you have why bring another child into a bad situation.In the end all I could really tell her was the problem started with her,and the solution will end with her.

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