My Media Player Shows This Error "COOD1197 Can Not Play File", How Can I Fix It? Please Someone Give Step To Step Instruction.


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There could be several things wrong. Visit Here you will find a list of possible problems and step-by-step solutions for the error code that appeared on your player. Since the Microsoft website has a list of other error codes, you can always visit the website again if you encounter any other problems with your Windows Media Player. Hope this helps.
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thanks for the link? When they tool menu what do they mean? Where is this tools menu? How Can I get there? please give brief clear step to step instruction.
your help is very much appreciated.
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Perhaps they mean the tools menu on Internet Explorer? Try accessing Internet Explorer. There should be a Tools menu. Try clicking on this. You may need to change your internet settings. Click on "Tools", then "Internet Options" and see if you can find a way to follow the instructions on the Microsoft website. Hope this helps!

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