How Do I Convert 16 Feet Squared To Inches Squared?


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Do you mean 16 ft. Squared or 16 square ft?  16 ft squared would be 16 x 16 feet, or 256 sq ft.  16 sq. Ft. Would be 4 x 4 ft, or 16 sq. Ft.  Either way, first convert the feet to inches, then multiply the answer by itself.  IE 16 ft times 12 inches = 192 in, and 192 x 192 gives you 36,964 sq in.  4 ft (48 inches) x 48 inches gives you 2304 sq in, so you can see that it is important to ask it in the form that will answer what you are seeking.  Hope I didn't muddy that too much, ha ha.   
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You don't need to calculate square inches, you multiply your floor dimensions to get the required square footage to cover the floor (200.33), then divide that by the coverage of your product (16.9), telling you it will require at least 12 packages (assuming you don't mess any of them up when installing). To keep tracking about the ubit conversions, you can use this Unit Converter ,to get more instant results.

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I want to buy slate for a 14 x 16 ft. Area. The cost is per sq. Ft. How do I calculate how much sq. Ft. I need so I know what my cost is? Thanks.

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