Could You Sell Chrome Rims As Scrap Metal?


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Yes you can, but unless the rims are really damaged you may find that you will get more money by selling them to someone who can't afford new ones, than you will do by selling them as scrap.

If you feel that you have no option but to sell them for scrap, make sure that you do your homework first because different scrap dealers buy for different prices.

• What metal?
Even though it may look like chrome, rims are sometimes made from other metals. If you are not sure, then someone from a junk yard or recycling center should be able to tell what they are, and obviously some metals will get a better price than others.

• Price
Ringing round scrap yards and recycling centers will give you an idea of what you can get for your rims but you can also find out what the current market value for different metals is on the Internet. This can change on a daily basis so it might be worth waiting for a while to see whether the price seems to be going up or down.

• Middle man
Sometimes junk yards are the middlemen for recycling centers so they will expect to be able to make a profit too. If you call a few different ones you may be able to establish where it is that they sell the rims and be able to go there directly.

• Advertise
If you have a lot of rims, it may be worth advertising them, either locally or on the Internet. This way, you will also be spared the inconvenience of having to transport them.

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